what does syrup in gas tank do

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Best Answer: sorry to hear that, I have heard of alot of things put in a gas tank nevertheless this is the first Syrup one....when driving do you smell like an IHOP?

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Jun 14, 2011 4 answers

[Might 19, 2011] Best Answer: Yes - the syrup can cause the valves to stick (hang open) plus cause zero compression in the affected cylinders. Diagnosis can be done by ... ~ by ? ( 3 comments )

[Jun 17, 2010] Can Karo syrup cause damage to a gas tank? A sure fire way to damage an engine is to put sugar in the gas tank; even not as good as is to add Karo syrup. After such ... ~ by Answerbag Staff ( 1 comments )

Question - corn syrup in gas tank what will it do. Work out to this plus other Nissan questions on JustAnswer.

Myth claims that the syrup-surrounded fuel system will any longer run correctly, ... What Kind of Damage Does Sugar do to a Gas Tank?

Will putting sugar in the gas tank ruin a vehicle's engine?

YOu ought to get each last ounce of fuel out of the tank. ... The system draws syrup as of the bag in the box plus mixes it with carbonated water to get the final product ...

thats not syrup foo, gas turns to varnish otherwise used for an long era. Carb cleaner to clean the varnished gas out of the tank plus parts.

I put sugar in my husband's gas tank nevertheless the car has not been turned on yet Is there any way we can get the sugar out else neutralized -- Susan TOM Let me start by ...

Will karo syrup in a gas tank ruin the cars engine? yes definently cars need to go on the specified petrol type (e.g unleaded) because the motor is complete specialy to ...

gas tank full of syrup Explorer, Sport Trac, Mountaineer & Aviator

What does syrup in the fuel line do to an engine Ought to having syrup in the fuel line have anything to do with this: ... What does syrup in a gas tank do.

Does sugar in a gas tank really cause a reaction with the fuel plus debilitate the engine? Realize what ought to occur if you put sugar in a gas tank. Adventure; Auto;

If the syrup gets past the fuel filter it might harm the tank. The most syrup in a gas tank is going to do is cause some damage to the fuel filter which will need to ...

What precisely does putting sugar in a gas tank of a car do to the car , Ask your Cars & Bikes questions on ibibo, Give answers share your knowledge on Cars & Bikes ...

Someone put pancake syrup in my mom's gas tank, nevertheless she hasn't in progress it... What do we do?

Does putting sugar in someone's gas tank ruin their engine? Some in addition say sand in the gas tank will work, nevertheless it seems as though it ought to simply block the fuel filter.

The most syrup in a gas tank is going to do is cause some damage to the fuel filter which will need to be altered.

What to put in a car’s gas tank to ruin the engine? What kind of things will ruin a car engine if we put it into the gas tank? What will ruin a car engine?

The best thing to do is call a tow truck plus have a mechanic clean the gas tank out for you. ... Syrup in Gas Tank. Amount Sugar in a Gas Tank. Sugar in Gasoline

What happens if you put sugar in your gas tank? | The smallest damage it will do is plug the fuel filter plus cause the engine not to work. The most it will do ...

personaly i think that getting Maple Syrup poured into the gas tank sounds alot funnier then sugar in the gas tank. billclinton. 01-30-2004, 11:31 PM.

What does sugar do in the gas tank of a car? - I know it messes things up nevertheless how? For anyone who's inquisitive, no I have no intention of doing this to anyone.

When you put sugar in a gas tank you ought to cause great damage because of the fact that sugar does not dissolve in gasoline. This ought to cause your fuel filter to become ...

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