can dogs eat slim jims

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Jamie Metellus 4 years before. A dog can have a minute piece of a Slim Jim as a very rare treat, nevertheless Slim Jims are full of salt plus bad preservatives for dogs.

Slim Jims - Good Clean Eating by Mad Dog: I n some parts of the country Slim Jims are careful to be a food group.

Can dogs eat slim jims? Yes, on the end of the day it is just a dehydrated sausage, so your dog can eat them no problem. Do slim jims contain pork?

When Manly Man Lewd Savage snaps into a Slim Jim, what precisely is he snapping into? According to manufacturer ConAgra, the Slim Jim was invented by ...

Dear Alice, Can a person get listeriosis as of eating ground food such as dry slim jim, sausage, etc.? —Cautious

Now take that data plus times it by the number of slim jims plus you will know how many calories you have ... How long can you live eating only Slim Jims?

Just stop eating the Slim Jims. ... If your dog can stand raw vegetables (some can not as my two confirm) give the those as treats.

No, first off dog's really shouldn't eat 'table' else human food as they digest in a different way than humans do plus it might cause stomach issues. Then, slim jim's

Pupperoni Dog Snacks are these long thin dog treats. They look kind of like slim-jims plus smell a lot like pepperoni, as you ought to have guessed.

I gave together of my dogs a two little pieces of a Small Slim Jim is that bad? ... Try not to give them too much Slim Jims though, they can eat it, ...

Can I eat a slim jim??? Bookmark it. suzimama. ... Slim Jims sound super good in addition, nevertheless I doubt that I'm gonna have the energy to leave the house tomorrow, ...

Oprah Downs Dog, Wendy Savors Slim Jim plus More! ... Speaking of meat you can eat, Oprah is a gal who likes her some corn dog.

Are slim jims okay? plus cashews? the first time I did low carb I remember eating slim jims nevertheless not a lot of them. this time around i feel that they aren't allowing me ...

As gross as it sounds, it's still better than what's in the Slim Jim. (I eat them infrequently, plus they'on the subject of so good I don't care if it's all lips plus hearts.)

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