glue leather to kydex

Does anyone know what kind of glue will work on kydex? I'm planning on making a leather sheath with a kydex insert plus I don't know if i will have room for rivets.

To cover the backside of the kydex. Bonus points if it is removeable (such regarding replace the leather one day). Does rubber cement work reasonably well?

Hardware & Accessories > Kydex plus Leather Gear ... I'm still plucking around with the idea of working with some Kydex, plus have an idea ... There's no glue I know of ...

KYDEX plastic has physical, mechanical plus thermal properties with original versatility. KYDEX, LLC. ... Can I glue KYDEX® sheet to KYDEX® sheet? Yes.

WELD-ON ® 4784 Vinyl Cement Clear, medium bodied, fast setting, high strength solvent cement for supple vinyl, leather, acrylic, butyrate plus kydex.

I have just ordered some Kydex as of Longstrider plus was wondering if the open edges can be fused? If it can, whats the best glue to use?

HOW TO MAKE A SHEATH USING KYDEX SHEATH ... Glue seams with any good contact cement according to ... drill holes plus insert any type leather rivets to further ...

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By using a combination of heat-formed kydex plus leather, ... I did find my scrollsaw tended to glue the Kydex back together after cutting to some extent nevertheless nothing ...

Hardware & Accessories > Kydex plus Leather Gear ... What's the best glue to use for applying leather to kydex? ... Bad luck

Post: kydex plus leather? Thin ... I was thinking of adhering the leather to the kydex with some kind of cement else glue, nevertheless the eyelet makes a lote more sense.



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