jelly on eye white

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Best Answer: The clear jelly you mention is the conjunctiva (an invisible, clear layer of tissue covering the front of the eye, apart as of the cornea) it ...

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My eyes were very tickly this evening, so I took an anti-histamine pill. I've had a conjunctivitis-type discharge as of together of my eyes for a few days, nevertheless no eager ...

Question - I have a jelly like substance growing on the white of my eye.. Work out to this plus other Eye questions on JustAnswer.

I have knowledgeable the same jelly like cyst on the white of my ... i can still see one they wasted plus it has left a like pink jelly lumpy area on my eye ...

Eye Conditions & Problems Vitreous Detachment & Floaters. The center of the eye is full with a jelly-like substance named "vitreous". On a young age, this ...

My LO in progress exhibiting cold symptoms yesterday, sneezing, coughing, etc. This afternoon I noticed a white jelly like discharge as of the eye.

White jelly on eyeball. ... source: I have yellow jelly on the white part of my eye? Was this answer helpful? Yes | No. Comment. Reply. Report. Add Your Answer.

what is a gel like substance on the white part of eye Posted by stormy have a gel like substance as of the corner of eye to the colored part.

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Summary. Eye floaters appear as dark specks, spots, threads else clumps in front of your eyes. The eyeball contains a jelly-like substance known as vitreous humour.

Hi, I woke up the other morning with a clear bubble like blister on the surface corner, white of my right eye. There is some redness nevertheless not much.

About two weeks before a few blood vessels burst (minor blood) plus it cleared up after a day. Then about 2 days later, I notice a clear, jelly like bubble on the white ...

Watch this slideshow on various eye diseases. Learn the warning signs plus symptoms of common eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, pink eye, macular ...

I think I have a cyst too,over on the side on the white of the eye, nevertheless it is red inside, ... I too have a clear jelly like cyst on the white of my eyeball.

I have had the jelly like blob on my eye for a little bit now. ... I first noticed a white erregular white thing on my white of my eye a few years before.

Best Answer: If believe you have simply noticed the conjunctiva of the eye. This is a clear layer that lays over the white part of the eye. Normally it is ...

About posterior vitreous detachment Posterior vitreous detachment (PVD) is a change in your eye which does not normally cause sight loss.

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 for eye white blister. (0.033 seconds) ... just noticed l have whar looks like a jelly clear blister on the white of my left eye!!!? ... (8 replies)

Takashi Murakami, Jellyfish Eyes - White 4, mixed media graphic , 19.75 x 19.75 inches.

I have a transparent jelly like glob on my right eyeball. I tried to move plus pull it out plus was disconcerted when it, didn't move, nevertheless instead caused some discomfort.

What is the pink thing in the corner of the eye named? Caruncle else puncta (contingent on which textbook you consult) What is the white part in your eye named?



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