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What does call restriction 56 mean on my lg tracfone? That is the question how long do you want it to be?

I just bought a tracfone. I set it up online. ... she in as of Canada plus it gives me a call restriction -56. myroxy Posts: 1 Joined: Wed Jul 18, 2012 6:22 am. Top.

Tracfone Call Restriction 56 When trying to call Canada, I understand "Call REstriction 56"=???? - Cell Phones Problem by guest user

I discovered this answer as of someone else: I have the same problem with my Motorola tracfone. After fooling with it for about one hour, I discovered that for some strange ...

Return to Tips for calling over 100 international destinations. Get tips for using NET10’s International Neighbors program. ... "I purchased a Net10 Motorolla phone ...

[Sep 27, 2008] Best Answer: Well the biggest mistake you complete here is that you got a Tracfone. They are certainly the not as good as cell phone company. I don't know how to help plus ... ~ by Dee ( 1 comments )

I emailed tracfone plus was told to call customer service

TracFone Wireless is America's #1 prepaid wireless provider. Shop prepaid cell phones, Pay As You Go Airtime options, No Contract Monthly Plans plus More!

I was trying to return a call earlier today plus I keep getting "Check Call Restrictions -56" plus the call won't go through. This is on together phones. Any idea what this is?

Return to LG ... "Check call restrictions -56 appears when i seek to dial 1-902-749-2701" ... "Hi jenn_aslesen. My name is Net Janet. Sorry that you’on the subject of having a ...

BUT each time I seek to call a Canadian number I get a "Restriction 56" message plus the call won't go ... "How to call Tracfone has teamed up with Auris Technology to ...

TracFone Complaints: TracFone is one of the largest US prepaid cell phone provider. ... Bought a tracfone on Walmart to call a landline number in Germany.

Tracfone Feedback Score 0. ... Have you check the call restrictions settings on your phone. The preceding owner might have altered the default settings.

TracFone Wireless is America's #1 prepaid wireless provider. Shop prepaid cell phones, Pay As You Go Airtime options, ... Call To come; International Long Distance;

There is a message "Check call restrictions". I can call a US number fine. ... > I got a Tracfone Nokia 2126 last week on WM in Burlington VT, my home > area.

Tech Talk ... "Heya, got an infuriating gremlin that pops up each so every so often, plus then goes away after a ..." · "
How do you fix the call restriction 34 on my tracfone? I emailed tracfone plus was told to call customer service on 1-800-867-7183. ( 8am to 9pm est. What ...

Tracfone call restriction 59. What s the u lay before u call a number in canada? How to call 1 300 number as of canada? ... Tracfone check call restrictions 56.

tracfone call restriction 56. Tags: naag somali o la wasayo , dhilo somali ah oo la wasayo , swarrismovig sos
together my husbands plus my tracfone indicate -34 check call restrictions when we call our home else my /work number. what does this mean plus how can we correct it

Walmart customers questions plus answers for Tracfone TracFone LG440G Cell Phone. Read questions plus answers real customers have con
what does it mean? \'check call restrictions -34?\' ... What does restrictions 56 mean. Check call restrictions 54. About Us About Answerbag Sitemap

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NET10 prepaid wireless service, the frequent user service as of TracFone Wireless, Inc.

Tracfone. I occupy Florida plus I tried to call Texas plus I got call restriction -34. ... Today, 4:56 AM. Lets hope Apple takes our comments to heart.

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The same minutes deducted for a regular call will be deducted when making an international long distance call using the TRACFONE Frequent ... (56) China (86) China

What ought to I dial to make an international long distance call as of my TRACFONE cell phone? 1. ... Chile (56) China (86) China - Cellular (86) Colombia - Armenia (57)

You pay as you go plus with the Tracfone you buy minutes plus you are given an amount of time for using those minuets. ... Trace Phone Call Articles.



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