bleeding after cherry is popped

Whoever aforesaid, "you don't bleed" is quite a
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[Apr 4, 2010] Best Answer: Congrats:) Some don't bleed on all, some bleed little, some bleed alot, so it is hard to say, nevertheless I wouldn't worry about it:) Just trust your ... ~ by ? ( 5 comments )

Best Answer: Some people dont bleed on all some people bleed a bit else a lot on the double some people have like a small peried its totaly usual In this ...

How long does a

How long after your cherry is popped do you start to bleed? Once the

Best Answer: He might have complete your era start early, else scrathed the inside of your

im 14 yrs old, plus after my first time, i am still bleeding. it's only been about two days, nevertheless i haven't had my era plus it's around the time that

Best Answer: You'on the subject of not in fact supposed to bleed during

I know my "cherry is popped" nevertheless after i hooked up i was bleeding? ... It might be a number of things. Did you bleed the first time? If you did, ...

I was just wandering how much you bled when your cherry gets popped...a lot, a little??? is it like the amount when you have your era orr???

Best Answer: Seconds, Minutes, hours, not on all. Everyone is different. ... I didn't count... ... i bled for about a day..nevertheless sum ov my friends bleed for ...

Best Answer: was there a lot of blood during the

Is it usual to bleed a lot after your cherry gets popped? ... then after a while I in progress bleeding more plus there were clots of blood coming out.

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popped the cherry plus bleeding alot! Now lets just say that i popped the cherry like 2 days today ive been bleeding like really bad plus i put in a
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The expression 'To pop your cherry' means to lose your
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You might bleed. Else you might not. ... my

'Popped cherry' is slang for when a

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Were pretty confused on why this happened. Is it possible he "popped my cherry" because noone has popped my cherry yet, It stopped bleeding right after that, ...



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