what in benadryl makes you feel spacy

It is the benadryl that is making you fuzzy.. ... Maybe your oncologist might give you so

[Feb 5, 2009] Best Answer: sedation, dizziness, imbalance, fast heartbeat, plus palpitations are common symptoms of benadryl- have you taken any sinus allergy medicines ... ~ by Molly(: ( 6 comments )

[Apr 19, 2012] Best Answer: Sure it can. Tylenol PM has diphenhydramine in it. Diphenhydramine is known as Benadryl for allergies an antihistamine that is known to make ... ~ by David ( 2 comments )

I now feel kind of spacey like I'm here plus the rest of the world is out there. ... Share this:Anxiety plus feeling spaceyThank you so much for your help.

... make you feel not as good as, ... dizzy spacey plus pressure, ... Benadryl Clarinex Claritin : Flonase Nasonex Prednisone Singulair Zyrtec:

[Nov 18, 2008] B-dryl works usually, nevertheless tonight it's making me feel very spacey, plus I can hear my pulse in my ears. ... Can you take Benadryl plus Singulair together? ~ by Anonymous ( 3 comments )

... YES WHEN MY EARS ARE FULL I FEEL SPACEY OUT OF FOCUSED AND ... Nevertheless if ETD comes as of those colds plus allergies plus makes you faint then maybe that is ...

Anxiety causing spacey feeling/lightheadedness. . I am 29 years old. I have been diagnosed with travel around. ... which can make you feel this way. ...

Benadryl has more than a few different types of allergy medications available to the public. ... You might become thirsty plus your sinuses might feel stiff else disproportionately dry.

I kind of feel spacey today on work plus tired nevertheless that can be as of ... over a condition that makes you feel foreign secretly plus your surroundings ...

Kinda how you feel when you'on the subject of sleepy, nevertheless want to stay up cuz your favorite TV show is coming on. From time to time its minor, ... "do you feel spacey today??"

They call it feeling spacey, like you are living in a ... It makes for a gritty bath experience, so if you decide to go for ... nevertheless you will brighten up.

Cold plus sinus medication will in addition make you feel "dazed" especially if it has an antihistamine in it. ... it makes your head feel heavy- because it IS.

Best Answer: Any time the

What can cause a spacey feeling?: On plus off, I have this strange spacey feeling. ... validate you are

Benadryl makes my heart beat fast plus I feel powerless to sit still, FWIW. ... Benadryl makes me at the same time sleepy plus hyper-anxious, ...

Does Benadryl make you high? ... I

You might not be able to take diphenhydramine, else you might require a lower dose else special monitoring during treatment if you have any of the conditions listed above.

Nonetheless, they have not been able to explain what is causing the spacey feeling plus nothing that I've tried has worked. Please let me know what you realize, ...

Does A Head Cold Else SInus Make You Feel Dazed? ... it makes your head feel heavy- because it IS. The sinus cavaties are absorbent plus light, ...

Tell you just about What is the ingredient in Benadryl that makes you sleepy?,some answers here.

Best Answer: My mother is an R.N. plus when I asked her your question, she practically yelled "NO!", so I'd say, no, don't do it...plus if you by now have ...

My doctor had me on Flexeril nevertheless that in progress to make me really spacey so now I just use ... with diphenhydramine (sp?) - makes my ... for you plus make you feel ...

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