what does catnip smell like

OK, don't laugh (bad luck, go ahead). Like Chris, I need to identify a plant. Nevertheless I'm not clever enuf to know how to
To the question what does catnip look like? This is the answer: Cat with head in catnip - p

Catnip looks like gr

[Jan 7, 2010] Best Answer: Felines who like catnip will usually roll around, rub their faces in it, drool, jump, run around, plus purr for about 10 to 15 minutes ... ~ by **me** ( 8 comments )

What is catnip? How does catnip work? Catnip (Nepeta cataria) ... Affected cats look like they are having a really good time!! The effects ...

How does catnip affect felines plus why does it cause such

Catnip is a herb mixture that cats like. If you take a sniff of catnip it will smell like tea. You can buy catnip on any pet store else Target, Kmart, else Walmart.

Why do cats like catnip? My cat seems to go nuts over the stuff, its like
... like sage. Easy to farm, catnip will spread fast, ... Cats can smell it through the stoutest of plastic, ... How does catnip affect dogs?

Not much. they'on the subject of supposed to like the smell plus visit it, nevertheless my cats don't. Some cats do though, its like a

Most cats
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Ever wondered if big cats like TIGERS, LIONS & LEOPARDS like catnip? We always get this question as of tour guests, so we thought we'd realize! Get the ...

Askville Question: Why does my cat react to an olive like it's catnip? : Cats. Ask a Question ... When a cat smells catnip it usually
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Askville Question: Does catnip affect dogs? : Pets - Health

Look It Up Conditions Tools ... Catnip plus Your Cat Do all cats like catnip? By author of Think Like a Cat - July 30, 2002 Share ...

Visit your local garden centre plus simply look for the Cat Mint plant else seeds. ... Why Do Cats Like Catnip?. Retrieved July 3, 2013, ...


Completely Looks Like Stuff That Looks Like Other Stuff; Wedinator ... Do TIGERS like catnip?? ... Make a Look-Alike; Add more than a caption;

Listing of the answers to the question: What does s
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What does one TRILLION dollars look like? All this mention "stimulus packages" plus "bailouts"... A billion dollars... A hundred billion dollars...

What-Does-Anise-Look-like - what does the anise plant look like? : You can identify anise by its large, ... What is this plant It looks like catnip, ...

What do piles look like? Most people have never seen a hemorrhoid. The appearance of piles can vary according to their type. Have you seen your piles?

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