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... the 904 was designed as a customer car with a full interior counting a heater. ... the Porsche 904 was the first of a long line of plastic-bodied race cars.

THE PORSCHE 904 GTS WAS AN OUTSTANDING RACECAR ORINGALLY PRODUCED FROM 1964-1965. ... Silver with Depressed Cloth Interior. Vehicle Condition. Service History. 104 Miles

Posts about Porsche 904 GTS on paper by digitaldtour. ... Purpose built interior with a gated shifter (above plus below) Another somewhat deceptive clue was the license ...


The Porsche 904 is an automobile which was formed by Porsche in Germany in 1964 plus 1965. It was formally named Porsche Carrera GTS because of the same naming rights ...

This Porsche 904

A famous Porsche 904 which raced in the Americas during the middle-1960s. ... Georgia finished in Silbermetallic with Blau Velour interior.

The interior is rough fibergl

Interior: Depressed. Description: Want to drive a Porsche 904-6 plus don't have the 7 figures needed in your bank account. ... Contact Seller: 1965 Porsche 904. Email: *

I purchased this recreation Porsche 904 as of Martin plus Walker in England more than a few years ... a Porsche team racer, plus I copied the interior color scheme as of that car.

New plus used replacement pieces for your Porsche 944. We offer 944 carpet, seats, dashboards, radios plus more

The Porsche 904 (1964); In addition known as: 904-6, 904/6, GTS. First sold to Jeff 'Leak' Greger. ... interior plus the vast majority of its original paint. Coupe

Reticent as of Formula 1 after the end of the 1962 season, Porsche returned to road-racing a year later with the debut of the Porsche 904. This clear the beginning of ...

Posts about Porsche Carrera 904 GTS on paper by digitaldtour. ... depressed leather interior in place of the standard depressed velour up

interior International GT Open ... The Cayman R is the spiritual successor to the 904 Carrera GTS of 1964, Porsche's first middle-engined coupe.

Porsche 904 One of our main projects on the moment, is building a perfect recreation of the legendary Porsche 904. ... Interior almost finished . Left inside front .

Interior is complete, ... The Beck 904 is set up for any Porsche air-air-conditioned 911 engine of nearly any displacement, plus the 901 else 915 series of gearbox.

Archive for the ‘Porsche 904 Carrera GTS’ tag ... the first Porsche 904 Carrera GTS plus the 911 Carrera 3.2 with special interior.

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