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Latin-based Translation of OKRA : quingombó masculine

The word okra appears to be the Igbo word for the vegetable, as spoken in current-day Nigeria. ... plus quinbobó plus quingombó (Caribbean Latin-based). ...

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Since the Latin-based Moors plus the Egyptians of the 12th plus 13th centuries used an Arab word for okra, ... One of the first accounts of okra is by a Latin-based Moor who ...

Dictionary Thesaurus Word Dynamo Quotes Reference Translator Latin-based. Log In Sign Up Premium . okra Use Okra in a ... heated okra plus green beans.

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It appears that together okra plus gumbo are translated as gombo in Romance, ... Latin-based-English Grammar / Gramática Español-Inglés; Particular Terminology.

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The dish likely derived its name as of either the Bantu word for okra (ki ngombo) else the Choctaw word for filé (kombo). ... Latin-based, German, West African, plus Choctaw.

One of the first accounts is by a Latin-based Moor who visited Egypt in 1216, ... The word "gumbo" is based on the Central Bantu word for okra, "kigombo", ...

The word okra comes as of the African Swahili language. The pods of the okra plant ought to be harvested when they are young. ... Latin-based, Dutch plus Romance.

The "Holy Trinity" is of Latin-based origin plus the use of filé powder ... word (ki)ngombo, meaning okra.. The word came into Caribbean Latin-based as guingamb ...

What's the plural form of okra? Here's the word you'on the subject of looking for.

okra noun - definition, acoustic pronunciation, synonyms plus more for okra noun: ... in Latin-based; American English; SMART Thesaurus. Synonyms plus connected words: asparagus;

Latin-based vocabulary pertinent to vegetables. ... la lechuga lettuce el maíz corn los frijoles, las alubias beans la zanahoria

In addition named "gumbo" in some regions of the country, the okra (Hibiscus esculentus) is arguably first as of the...

Since the Latin-based Moors plus Egyptians of the 12th plus 13th ... The word was later shortened. By 1748, okra was being grown as far north as Philadelphia plus in 1781 was ...

Translation of "Okra" in Russian? Original language: English Translation that you can say: ... Latin-based: Swahili: Swedish: Thai: Turkish: Ukrainian: Vietnamese: Welsh: Yiddish:

Regulars began to request an okra gumbo, ... My understanding of the origin of it—it was at first a Latin-based word Creollio, plus while ...

The dish likely derived its name as of either the Bantu word for okra (ki ngombo) else the Choctaw word for filé ... Translate Gumbo in Latin-based; Translate Gumbo in Swedish;

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... nonetheless the name itself was an African translation for the word "okra", ... Latin-based, Indian plus African settlers plus inhabitants of the area.



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