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How long is slim fast good before it expires? Don't tell me Yes it will be fine, foods are even usually still good for a little after the date in print.

I discovered 2 unopened cans of Slim Fast chocolate powder in my kitchen, nevertheless the expiration date says "Imposing 2007". What ought to I do? I know I ought to just throw them out ...

Connected Questions for Diet & Nutrition. How long after the expiration of a Slimfast shake is it still good? As with virtually all products, once the expira...

Are Slim Fast bars ok after the expiration date? Staying Fit

I think they will be better than the slimfast shakes. they taste alrigh suprisingly, plus one scoop with water is suprisingly filling, it fills me u a little bit.

Food expiration dates don't mean as far as many consumers think

Save $1 on Slim-Fast products with this printable coupon ... This coupon is valid on any Slim-Fast product apart as of snack bars, plus expires June 8, 2011. Connected Posts.

... expiration date, else any type ... fat • low • number • phone • Recall • slim • slim fast company information • slim fast contact • Slim-Fast • slimfast • slimfast ...

I just heard the news about slimfast plus wonder how long the co has known. I am really angry plus hope I have no complications as of this toxin.

Slim Fast Shakes I realize have been reviewed recurrently, ... I’ll review the Romance Plain which comes in a box with an expiration date on the side.

SlimFast can sell without prescription plus it is complete of 100% herbs. ... Do check the expiration date of the medicine before you consume it.

Ten million Slim-Fast 11 ounce cans are being recalled nationwide. ... irrespective of the flavor plus/else expiration date, plus contact the company on 1 ...

$1 off Any Slimfast product ; expires 30 days as of printing (excluding Slimfast Snack Bars) Want to diet now? Try The Slim·Fast 3-2-1 Plan

Has anyone else tried the slim fast Optima shakes? i've had two of them, plus the side effects have gotten not as good as each time. ... Do they have expiration dates?

Slim Fast Shakes - User Rating: 3 stars. ... Shake each can well before use plus consume by the expiration date in print on the bottom of each can.

New unopened can of Strawberry Slim Fast. Expires September 2013 (09/13) Any questions please ask! ***** PLEASE NOTE ***** * UK bidders only please.

... fiber for each bottle One-Third of your permitted intake for most essential vitamins plus minerals For use as part of the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan Expiration Date: ...

Save $1.00 on any Slim Fast Product. Slim Fast coupons. This is a BRICKS managed coupon plus the expiration date seems to be 30 days after print.

Hopefully, expiration dates are listed on the boxes.

There is no law mandating food expiration dates on products, although dating on some food items is obligatory by more than 20 states, ...

Best Answer: Of course it is safe - that is the purpose of canning - to preserve food. No bacteria else vermin can get on it so it doesn't spoil. Best by ...

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