groundhog paper puppet

48 Make a top hat as of dark construction paper measuring 22” x 8” plus tape to form a cylinder. Cut a large circle as of paper about 14” in diameter.

Create a homemade paper bag puppet using this Groundhog pattern.

Craft Project Directions: To make this craft project you will need a brown paper consume bag, white plus dark paper, glue, scissors, plus crayons else markers.

Create a simple groundhog puppet as of a paper bag. Craft Project Directions: To make this craft project you will need a brown paper consume bag, white plus dark paper, ...

Celebrate Groundhog Day with our beautiful groundhog paper plate puppet. You can then use your puppet to play Groundhog Tag! If you like this craft, in addition check out our ...

Creating groundhog finger puppets is a great way to celebrate Groundhog Day. ... Beautify the construction paper to represent the groundhog's hole.

Paper Bag Puppet: Animals- Groundhog. Craft: Groundhog Day (primary) Writing Paper: Groundhog (basic) Book: Fleecy Meets the Groundhog (elem)

Make a groundhog puppet using a consume-size paper bag. Use a paper plate to make a groundhog mask. Try one of the original Groundhog Day Projects. Other Things To Do:

Groundhog Day Finger Puppet Polystyrene/paper cup Green paint Popsicle (lolly) stick. Instructions: Pursue the instructions to make your Groundhog Day Finger Puppet.

Make a Groundhog Day "Pop-up" puppet, ... glue, paper bags (else brown construction paper), plus markers. Making a Groundhog Day "Pop-up" groundhog puppet is an easy ...

Pop-up Groundhog Puppet Make a pop-up groundhog puppet using a paper cup, a craft stick (popsicle stick), plus paper. You can act out Phil the groundhog protuberant out of ...

Protuberant Groundhog Puppet Materials needed: 1) A paper cup (else styrofoam cup). 2) A craft stick (popsicle stick). 3) Brown construction paper - 1 small roll.

POP-UP GROUNDHOG PUPPET A attractive plus simple-to-make groundhog puppet that pops in plus out of his hole. ... A groundhog mask complete as of a paper plate. Groundhog Printout

How to Make Paper Groundhog Masks. ... Groundhog Day Song plus Puppet - Learn to make a groundhog puppet plus sing this song while you play with your puppet! Groundhog Mask ...

Ground Control Puppet with Rhyme Who can resist a attractive little ground control puppet that pops up out of the ground. Instructions

Groundhog Day Crafts; Valentine's Day Crafts; ... How to make your Paper Bag Puppet Dog Craft: Print the dog template plus remove the pieces.

Make a stick puppet to celebrate Groundhog's Day. Patterns with complete directions are contained within. Groundhog Headband. Patterns in ... Paper Bag Puppet.

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