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Have a "school fair." Have different things such as games, food plus souvenirs.

Everything I likely, even if you are absent to shop just visit the food hall me.

Enjoy the excellent fusion of Indian plus Pakistani cuisine with $30 worth of food for $15 on Tandoori Time with today's kgbdeal. This restaurant was well-reviewed by 65 Yelpers.

Nonetheless, just as a place to visit plus see inside all the different themes plus the food hall is an experience not be wasted. How can you? It's right next to public transport, Knightsbridge station even takes you all the way there.

On the way back to our guesthouses, Beth, Charlotte plus I agreed to join up for some food in the evening. I suggested we went to the conveinient Sea Dragon which provides an outstanding selection of food on reasonable prices. It wa nice meal nevertheless we were all very tired as of the days diving/snorkling so named it a night early.

Had consume on the permitted White Rose restaurant as they specified they complete outstanding fruit smoothies. The food is pretty good too plus very reasonable prices.

Arranged to meet Big on 13:30 outside the same KFC once more. This time we met up no problem. Walked around the shops in the square. Went for some food in one of the many Japanesse restaurants before going to the cinema in the complex. Saw Final Destination II. Having seen the first of the sequal knew the plot nevertheless it was pretty good none the less.

I dumped my bags plus went for a walk. The hostel was in between the "financial district" plus "Little India". Walking through "Little India" you might smell the food stalls plus incence shops plus hear the latest indian tracks being played as of music shops. Behind "Little India" is I guess what you might call "Chinatown". I say might as these are only names used by tourists. Lebuh Chulia is where the main stream of Backpackers are located along with cafe's.

The Harrods motto is Omnia Omnibus Ubique--All Things for All People, All over the place. More than a few of its departments, counting the seasonal Christmas subdivision plus the Food Hall, are world famous.

Yes, it's crowded. Yes it can get really filled to capacity here, nevertheless if you come on a weekday around 11a, it isn't bad on all. Very managable, plus you get to stroll through the food halls plus the souvenir store, which is essentially where all non-Londoners stop by.

Yeah, it's the famous subdivision store that you just have to visit to check it off your London to visit list. They do have some cool Egyptian decor nevertheless it was just another subdivision store to me. I had more fun in the Harrod's food hall next to it (see separate review).

It is a store truly different any other. 'With over a million square feet of shopping spread across seven levels of a luxurious building, it's easy to get lost among the 300+ departments of captivating stuff... ranging as of fine art to toys to electronics to pets to silverware to food. 'The building in addition houses over two dozen restaurants, counting, mysteriously, a Krispy Kreme.

As for ambiance, some tables are really close together plus arranged around a circle so you'on the subject of off tilter plus really close to the person next to you if you'on the subject of inside. The tables themselves are quite small when you consider all of the stuff they give you for the tea, all of the little plates for the food, ect. Oh, plus when you consider that not at all person cleared a single dish, ever.

Most folks want to rub elbows with the rich plus famous plus Harrods is one place to check that out. Nonetheless, when I've gone, it's just me plus the fellow hordes. My guess is that those well above my pay grade have private means to do their shopping. Nevertheless it's fun anyway plus I always leave with a neat nosh as of the Food area else a nice memento. Plus it's much more pleasant that catching Harrods on the Airport.

Got to Tun Tum restaurant early so went accross for consume on the opposite Scandanavian Bakery. Joe, the US painter as of NYC, was by now having consume so I joined him. In the end scoffed consume down plus got back to the course. There were 6 other people on the course. 4 Australian plus 2 Austrian. Most of whom were teachers. After introductions plus selecting one dish we were taken by Tuk to the market outside the town. Since the course in Chiang Mia I have become interested in food markets, strange. All we did is pursue Chandler, the instructor, around the market while he brought ingrediants for the course plus some for his restaurant.



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